Qindle Innovation & design :-)

Taco Schmidt starts Qindle Innovation & Design

Wish it, dream it, do it. Here is Qindle Innovation & Design.

Progress through design.
Qindle® is an innovation & design agency that delivers progress for people; resulting in value for our clients and their brands. We ideate and design products & physical brand applications. Often resulting in market innovation.

Driven by result.
Qindle® founders have an industrial design background: creating a unique balance between a creative mind and practical, can-do mentality. Focussed on delivering solutions that actually work for a consumer and client. A high level of service, energy and fun are the basics in our work.

Working with clients.
Qindle® works with clients who value design as a business driver. People who embrace change as an opportunity. We work within both consumer and professional industries.

Connect design to the world.
Design contributes not only to the success of a company. It is the perfect tool to find and create social and sustainable solutions in this global society. Connecting technology with empathic design solutions to create progress for both people and their environment.


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