Progress through design

Qindle is an innovation & design studio. Helping global brands and unique ventures ideate and create integrated brand and product solutions. We are a team of design researchers, brand & industrial designers and engineers. Makers, fuelled by a can do mentality. Inspired by the power of design: creating value for people and business.

Global brands and ventures

We work with clients who value design as a key business driver. People who embrace change as an opportunity; in retail, consumer and professional markets. We work with global brands to create brand equity. Innovating products and brand touch points, always in close collaboration with business and brand owners. We have worked with Ahold Delhaize, Danone, Haier, Heineken, Jumbodiset, Philips and many more.

We support unique ventures with brand and product design. Improving the feasibility and desirability of a venture’s brand and product, through an integrated process that connects consumer insights with brand, product & packaging solutions. Design should actually work; we have the engineering experience to actually realise the solutions we create. Service, energy and fun are basics in a project. We collaborate with these unique ventures: Akvo, Bready, Elevante, Taurro and Technobis.

Connect design to the world

Design contributes not only to the success of a company. It is the starting point to find, create and develop social and sustainable solutions in this global society. Connecting technology with empathic design solutions to create progress for people and their environment. Qindle founders are Cradle to Cradle accredited, working for more than 10 years on sustainable design solutions.

We deliver

Ideation & concept
Brand application design
Product & packaging design
Engineering & prototyping